Cuban Salsa Intermediate – Level 2

500 kr.1 000 kr.

In the class of Cuban Salsa Intermediate 2 you will be introduced to more elaborated combinations, body movement in Cuban Salsa and footwork.

It is required to have approx. 6 months experience of dancing or 24 hours of completed dance lessons in Cuban Salsa.

START: Sunday 6th of 8th of January 2023 at 16:00

INSTRUCTOR: Jakob García.

DURATION: 6 intensive lessons of 1 hour and 15 min each.

PRICE: 600 DKK (500 DKK for students).
Couples discount: if you register as a couple, the price will be 1.000 DKK per couple for the entire course (a couple must consist of 1 leader and 1 follower).

REGISTRATION: You can sign up alone or with a partner.
Payment and check-in takes place 30 min. before the course starts on the first teaching day.

PLACE: Kedelhallen, Nyelandsvej 75A Frederiksberg 2000