Bachata Beginners – Level 1

550 kr.1 100 kr.

ABOUT THE CLASS: Learn Bachata from scratch. In the class you will learn the basics of bachata and enough combinations so that you will be able to dance bachata socially. We will also talk about the different styles of bachata. We will also be focusing on musicality, so that you will get an understanding of how to dance to the Bachata music.

No previous dancing experience required.

LESSONS START: Tuesday 9th of April 2024 at 18:00.

INSTRUCTOR: Anna & Jacob.

DURATION: 6 intensive lessons of 1 hour (6 Tuesdays).

PRICE: 600 DKK  for the whole course – (550 DKK for students).
Couples discount: if you register as a couple, the price will be 1.100 DKK per couple (550 DKK per person)  for the entire course (a couple must consist of 1 leader and 1 follower).

REGISTRATION: You can sign up alone or with a partner.
Payment and check-in takes place 30 min. before the course starts on the first teaching day.

PLACE: Vesterbro Kulturhus 3rd floor (Haraldsalen), Lyrskovgade 4, 1758 Copenhagen.

Take the next step in your Bachata journey with us: after completing this course, we recommend moving on to: Bachata – Beginners Level 2