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Joaquim Aoues

Joaquim, the founder of Salsa Libre Dance Company, is born in Africa. He started dancing Salsa in the 90’ies in Paris. In 1995 Joaquim moved to Denmark and later he traveled to Cuba where he took classes of both Rumba and Salsa.

Joaquim has been teaching Salsa on all levels for various years. When teaching he always focuses on the dance but teaches with the philosophy that all classes are different, which requires different ways of teaching. Therefore, he has been educated in various courses of methods of teaching by Fernando Zapata at Latinodance Company, Berlin.

Joaquim has taken part of creating various choreographies, including La Pantera Rosa, The Munk, Las Locas and Bachata in Paris. Joaquim has also instructed and performed at various large companies. He is often seen as Salsa DJ in Denmark.

Salsa Libre Dance Company by Joaquim Aoues is behind various Salsa events in Copenhagen, and is the official organiser of Copenhagen Salsa Festival and Copenhagen Bachata Festival.


Jakob García

Jakob has been dancing Cuban Salsa for more than 20 years. He found his passion for the Salsa music and dance in Santiago de Cuba.

He is a child of the ballet and theater, where he spent much of his childhood.

Jakob founded Salsa Cubana CPH, and has been teaching salsa for more 15 years.

He is known for his energetic and very educational teaching style and for creating an informal learning environment, where we have fun and can laugh when it things are difficult.    

Jakob believes that not only should dancing be a pleasure for the body and the soul, but just as important, you have to have fun doing it.


Christopher Vilandt Ferrara

Christopher has a background in Capoeira and he has an exceptionel talent of dancing and movement.

He has been taught in Cuban Salsa in both Denmark and in Cuba.

Cristopher has been teaching Salsa for many years and is especially known for his pedagogical way of teaching. He teaches with a great energy, a lot of passion and finds a lot of joy in music and dance.

Christopher is focusing on the technical details in the dance without compromising the fun of learning the dance – even when it gets extra challenging.

Walter Mesquida

Walter is half Chilean and half Spanish. He has been dancing Salsa and Bachata for many years and he has taught different styles of dance for more than 10 years, including Salsa LA on1, Cuban Salsa and Dominican Bachata.

On the dance floor, Walter is known for his high energy and elegant moves.

Walter’s dance classes are always entertaining, and his high pace and great energy is part of what defines his classes. His classes appeal to those eager to learn challenging turn patterns with lots of styling and energy for both the leader and the follower. Detailed breakdown of lead and follow techniques are also important elements of Walter’s classes of Salsa and Bachata.

Susana Kuo Abreu

As half Dominican and half Taiwanese, Susana has a strong passion for all latin dances. Susana has been professionally trained for many years in various dance styles including Salsa on1 and on2, Dominican Bachata, Samba and Hip Hop.

In 2013, Susana won the 1st place in the TV programme Dancing Stars. She has also performed at the TV programme Step Up Taiwan.

Susana has been teaching both Salsa and Bachata in Copenhagen for many years.

Susana is known for her graceful style of dance combinated with an explosive energy.

As a teacher Susana fills the room with the same high energy and she is very focused on the details of the dance. For Susana, dancing is much more than making turns and moving the feet, it is about the feeling and the joy of dancing, a philosophy that is reflected in the way she teaches.


Marcos and Ane

Born and raised in Madrid, Spain, Marcos is a passionate dancer who started his journey in 2016 in Copenhagen. His first steps were in Cuban Salsa. After a few months, he discovered Bachata and was immediately hooked. He started taking Bachata lessons and attended every social dance event, workshop and international festival he could find. His focus was on sensual Bachata, but lately he has been developing his understanding of Dominican Bachata. His commitment and enthusiasm led to a place on the Salsante performance team in 2018, and he started teaching Bachata at DTU in 2019. For Marcos, musicality and precise execution are essential, and these are the key elements you will learn from him.

Originally from Spain, Ane begun her first dance steps in ballet when she was a child and also studied music in a conservatory for 5 years. Music has been present in her life for many years, but it was in Denmark she got deeply into her dancing. Ane started taking regular Bachata classes in 2015 at DTU while doing her Masters, and now she is regularly teaching there. She has traveled to many festivals especially in Spain, focusing on Bachata Fusion and Sensual Bachata, but she also likes to mix it with Dominican Bachata. She has now taken classes from different dance styles: Cuban Salsa, Cross Body on1, Kizomba, Zouk, Jazz, Contemporary and Ballet. She is still engaged with some of them, since she believes it is essential to get inspired from different dances and never stop learning. She is very self-demanding, persistent and with a great musicality and creativity. She will definitely boost you up in your dancing and teach you how to dance understanding the music and the connection with yourself and your partner.


Juan Giraldo

Juan, while being a Ph.D. student at CBS, he is also a Salsa dancer. He has danced Salsa for ten years and trained in Colombia and the UK. His style is grounded on Colombian, Cali style Salsa and crossbody Salsa on1.

He has danced and trained with Santee Hernandez in the UK and Jefferson Benjumea II in Colombia in 2016 and 2019. Juan has taught kids and adults while being part of the professional dancing teams at Cali Swing UK – Salsa Dance School and Los Rumberos Dance Academy. He has also competed with Sasha Phillips and qualified for the professional Salsa cabaret category at the 2017 World Latin Dance Cup.


Edgaras and Birgit

Edgaras is a Lithuanian and Azerbaijanese dancer. His passion for dancing started early and at the age of 17, he taught himself impersonation of Michael Jackson which he performed with at talent shows in Lithuania. Later, he discovered the Latin dances and in 2014 Edgaras started learning Salsa New York Style on2. When dancing Bachata for the first time, Edgaras quickly fell in love with the dance. After taking several of classes and dancing a lot socially, Edgaras started sharpening his dance skills by participating in multiple international Salsa and Bachata Festivals around the world including Spain, Italy, Germany, Lithuania and Sweden. Edgaras has also been part of the Bachata performance group Team Fuego which he has performed with in Madrid. As a dancer, Edgaras has a lot of focus on partner connection and he loves playing with the music as a crucial part of creating a good flow on the dance floor. Therefore, musicality and partner connection are in focus at Bachata classes with Edgaras.

Birgit is originally from Estonia, but for the past five years, she has been living in Denmark. She started dancing at the age of six and ever since, her passion for dancing has only grown stronger. At a very young age, Birgit joined a show dance group which lead to various performances. As a cheerleader, Birgit has also participated in competitions both domestically and internationally. Later, Birgit discovered Bachata and quickly, she developed a strong passion for the Latin dance. In Denmark, she has been part of a Bachata show group performing internationally. As a dancer, Birgit focuses on partner connection and she loves playing with cool new moves to constantly develop and improve her own dance style. When teaching, Birgit’s goal is to always bring her students to the next level. Her focuses on teaching elements of styling and lady styling to hereby motivate her students to develop their own dance style.

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