The Salsa Libre Gallery

World famous dancers with Salsa Libre Copenhagen

Learn from some of the world’s best dancers within Salsa, Bachata, Mambo Kizomba and others. We are collaborating with dancers such as Eddie Torres, Johnny Vazquez, Francisco Vazquez, Luis Vazquez, Adolfo Indacochea, Korke and Judith, Chaves and Silvia, Kiko and Christina, Wilmer and Maria, Luis and Andrea, Sara Lopez, Afro Latin Connection, Osbanis and Annetta, Pablo and Raquel, Motty, Emy Codebo, Bersy Cortez, Seo Fernandez, John Vazquez and Yudi Aguilar and many more.

Copenhagen Salsa Festival

Every year, you can experience a weekend full of workshops and parties with some of the best dancers in the world at Copenhagen Salsa Festival.

Copenhagen Bachata Festival

Experience all the best within Bachata at Copenhagen Bachata Festival.