About Salsa Libre

Salsa Libre is founded in 2005 by Joaquim Aoues, Salsa and Bachata instructor, choreographer and official organiser of Copenhagen Salsa Festival, Copenhagen Bachata Festival, and the many weekly social dance events.

Since 2005, Salsa Libre has taught thousands of students in Copenhagen. Most of them are still taking part of our social dance events, and a few of them became Salsa or Bachata instructors.

Salsa Libre is group of local and international instructors and performers hand-picked for their skills and experience, with the purpose to deliver the best quality teaching, performing and social dancing.

Read more about our instructors here.

Salsa Libre offers a variety of classes in Cuban Salsa, LA style Salsa and Bachata at different levels. Classes are taught through step by step teaching techniques, which have been tested by thousands of dancers around the world.

At Salsa Libre we believe that everyone has the ability to dance. Yes, everyone!

We believe that dancing is much more than steps and moves, it can be a life changing experience.

Our motto is “listen, feel and dance!”