Cuban Salsa or LA Style Salsa – What is the difference?

There exist a lot of different styles of salsa. Usually we talk about two styles, Cuban salsa and L.A. Style Salsa, also called crossbody. At Salsa Libre we offer classes of Cuban Salsa or L.A. Style Salsa on1.

Cuban Salsa

Cuban salsa is danced circular where the dance couple dance around each other. In Denmark, most of Cuban salsa is taught through a Rueda de Casino, where all of the dance couples dance together in a circle. A leader of the circle calls the commands and all the couples dance the combination at the same time. You change dance partner continuously throughout a Rueda de Casino. All the variations are called in Spanish.

L.A. Style Salsa on1

L.A. Style Salsa on1 is danced on a line. The dancers start to move on the first beat, hence the name. In Salsa L.A. Style on1 you dance quick-quick-slow, quick-quick-slow. Generally, more space is given to the female dancer and there is more space for individual styling.

All the combinations in Salsa L.A. Style are in English.